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Better Business for All - Surviving Unexpected Incidents

You've invested a lot of time and money in establishing your business.

You don't want an unexpected incident to destroy all your hard work do you?

Any incident no matter how large or small can cause major disruption to your business.


You need to make sure you're prepared otherwise you could suffer the following:


  • A loss of income

  • A loss of customers

  • A loss of reputation 

Or you could even find yourself with legal and regulatory penalties or a complete failure of the business.

After any type of incident or disruption you need to get back to "business as usual" as quickly as possible to make sure you limit any losses. "Business Continuity Planning" could help you with this.

Your local authority can provide you with advice on how to do this and direct you to a Business Continuity Management Toolkit which means you should have a relatively quick and painless return to business as normal after any type of disruption. Typically this service is free however it can vary from area to area.

Please contact the Business Support Helpline to give them your business postcode so they can signpost you to your local authority.

Don't forget they can also provide you with free, impartial advice for anything to do with your business! So have your questions ready for them!

Their Business Support Advisers can help you with things like:


(please note this is not an exhaustive list, they can help you with all things business related)

For more information on these topics please click the relevant image below in the slider or the wording above. 

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