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What is the Fast Track Service

The Fast Track service has been recently introduced for you if your project is less than £25K.

You will be able to access the funding for your project much quicker and easier.

How does it work

Initially, you will meet with one of our Growth Consultant's who will complete a detailed diagnostic of your business to outline any potential growth projects.


You will work together with them to develop an action plan to complete your growth project.

Then you will apply for the 33% funding for your project which subject to eligibility will result in you being awarded the funding much quicker.

Already have an idea about the project to grow your business? Or want to have a chat with one of our experts? 

Get in touch with us now to arrange a meeting with one of our Growth Consultants.



"VITA Radio applied for funding through the Tees Valley Business Compass programme in January 2018, we found the application process straight forward with plenty of help offered along the way and with the end result we had hoped for. We also found it took less time from start to finish than we expected, it’s a very simple way to achieve worthy financial support."



"Business Compass provides a vast amount of advice and support in boosting business profitability. Not only does it offer assistance for firms already in Tees Valley but it helps those looking to move to the region which, in turn, increases investment and job opportunities.”



“We were looking to access funding to support our business growth projects, Shak and the TVBC team were really slick in identifying how our project could be helped and the process was really smooth. We can now move forward and make upgrades and improvements that will have a real impact on Ithica Films and our clients.”

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