European Union - European Regional Development Fund

An overview of the funds are shown below but why not call us on 01642 939386 or email for more information.

 Small Grant Scheme

If your business needs to access external expertise and professional services such as business planning for growth, new product development and accessing new markets to unlock growth potential the Small Grant

Scheme could help you. Offering between £2,500 and £25,000 this grant is available to
manufacturing and service sector companies offering more than a local service in Tees Valley. Funding is through the SSI Task Force.

Capital Grant Scheme

If you are looking to grow your company and need money to invest in; buildings, machinery or equipment the Capital Grant Scheme could help you.

Offering grants from £10,000 this support is available to manufacturers and service sector companies offering more than a local service in Tees Valley.

Higher levels of support are available to companies affected by the SSI closure. Funding is through the SSI Task Force.

 SSI Task Force Jobs and Skills Fund

If you are looking to recruit people affected by the SSI closure the SSI Task Force Jobs and Skills Fund can give you a 50% wage subsidy of up to £15,000 and additional support towards training costs.

The scheme subsidises the cost of employment for positions made available for a minimum of two years with a payment of 50% of the basic salary costs for each new job created in the first two years of employment up to a maximum of £15,000. Funding
is through the SSI Task Force and is available for businesses in Tees Valley
and the surrounding area.

 SSI* Supply Chain Support Scheme

This scheme aims to support all supply chain companies nationwide affected by the closure of SSI. It will provide short term immediate grant aid in the form of working capital to support these companies to continue trading or to seek new business.

The scheme will operate under the de minimis state aid rules with the maximum grant available capped at 200,000 Euros.


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